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Superfood Mixes

Superfood Mixes I use these mixes practically every day!   Use my special code  “prairiehillnut” at checkout to receive 5% savings on every order (your friends too).

My Nutrition Advisor Superfood Mixes are a great  way to introduce superfoods (ANTIOXIDANTS) into your diet.  Just add a  tablespoon of the delicious premixed formulas to your smoothie.  You can  customize your smoothies to support your health goals by using their  online recipe database targeting your symptoms & conditions.  Take their free 20 minute online education course and you will receive a  complimentary trial bundle at no cost to you. The mixes contain an  amazing list of certified superfoods and ingredients. *Note – if you are  using a blender or Nutri-Bullet type blender, the seeds may not get  completely crushed.  If the crunchiness bothers you, grind the mix up finer with a coffee bean grinder.


Pastured Meats, Wild Caught Fish, Clean Produce

Wallace Farms Back to the Land - Grass Based Farm (Drop points & home delivery)
Twelve  years ago, 5th generation farmer Nick Wallace returned “Back to the  Land” to a farm that was first tilled by his great-great-grandfather in  Keystone, Iowa, and has been in the Wallace family since 1894 and now  raises grass fed/finished animals.  Wallace farms has been my main source of grass fed meats, poultry, eggs and sustainably wild caught fish for over ten years.   Know your farmer!

Solar Harvest Farm -  “Integrating  Organic Agriculture with Organic Energy”.  I have been getting my fresh  pastured broiler chickens from Solar Harvest Farm for 7 years.  Top  quality grass fed beef, pastured pork and eggs too. 

Turtle Creek Gardens, LLC - USDA/MOSA Certified Organic vegetable CSA and Farm Store
Nestled  in the Turtle Creek Watershed, just north of Delavan, in southeastern  Wisconsin. They grow high quality, nutritionally dense, seasonal  vegetables using sustainable farming practices that care for the soil,  groundwater, and adjacent natural areas. They use no synthetic  fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on their farm.  Their vegetables  are the most beautiful and best I have ever tasted! Pastured meats, poultry, fermented food & more available through their online farm store.

Starry NIghts Farms - Local, sustainable, organic, animal welfare approved, 100% grass fed beef.  Wheatland, WI.  Local delivery/pickup, bulk sales.

Alden Hills Organic Farms - Local, organic, pastured high quality meats, eggs, healthy pet food.  Walworth, WI.  Farm store pick up, delivery, farmers markets.

Lester's Bison Farm Located  in Salem .WI.  Lester’s offers quality Bison, High End Pork, Chicken,  Seafood, Young Goose, Duck, Alligator, Elk, Venison, and Beef.  Their  animals are all grass-fed, and free range. Lester’s offers free range pastured Eggs from local farmers and hand crafted Wisconsin Cheeses  along with other quality products. Visit Lester’s farm store, at farmers markets or they ship anywhere in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. 

Tempel Farms Organics  - Local, certified, organic produce, eggs, flowers and more.  Gurnee, IL. Farmstand and self-serve.

Vintage Meadows Farms - Full range of nutrient dense foods including pastured meats, poultry, eggs, unprocessed dairy, local veggies, fermented foods/beverages and more.  Located in Northern Indiana.  Chicagoland/northern suburbs delivery, farmers markets.

River Valley Ranch Mushroom Farm -  Located  on Hwy 50 in Burlington, WI.  They grow and stock their farm store with organic produce fresh from their fields.  River Valley Ranch carries a  good selection of products that support Paleo/Keto/whole food diets including  Primal Kitchen salad dressing & mayo (made with avocado oil!), Epic  bone broths & energy bars, Mavras olive oil & balsamic vinegar and Jackson’s Honest (coconut oil!) Chips. And of course beautiful organic mushrooms!

Mavra's Greek Olive Oil -  Mavra was born and raised on a farm in Amalias Elias, Peloponnisos, Greece and  resides part of the year in Kenosha, WI.  Mavra has been bringing her  extra virgin cold pressed olive oil to America from her homeland for 30 years. Mavra grows the olive trees, harvests the olives and turns them  into quality olive oil. Olives and aged balsamic vinegar too. Available onlin, at Farmers Markets and in some grocery/health food stores.

Primal Kitchens Salad Dressings/Mayonnaise/Avocado Oil - Made with healthy avocado oil.  Available online and some major grocery and health food stores.

Tessamae's Salad Dressings/Marinades/Sauces - Made with healthy high-oleic sunflower oil.  Available onine and some grocery stores.

Page's Healthy Paws - Lake Zurich & Wauconda, IL.  Large selection of raw, grain-free and natural pet foods and products.


Real Food Meal Services


Real Clean Paleo -  Clean sourced fresh made Paleo meals.  Pickup locations in SE IL

White Oak Gourmet - Weekly heat & eat chef crafted fresh gourmet meals delivery/pick up/catering in SE IL

Origin Meals - Chef-driven, gluten-free & dairy-free, locally-prepared fresh meals.  Drop off locations in MN & WI.

Wholesome Harvest - Meals  by Jaclyn Trimble – locally sourced, custom created meal delivery,  in-home dinner parties, private dinner parties at Wholesome Harvest  Kitchen and catering events.  Rochester, WI


Paleo on the Go - Frozen clean sourced Paleo meals shipped right to your door. My go to for convenience and traveling! AIP, Whole 30, Paleo & Keto.

Pete's Paleo - Gourmet seasonal driven clean meals delivered fresh (not frozen) to your home.  When I want to treat myself I order Pete’s! Gluten- free, dairy-free & soy-free.

Prepped Delivery - Gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb & Paleo options delivered to your door.

Keto Fridge - Fresh 100% Ketogenic meals.  Use Code AFL-YHFZ to received 10% off your first order.

Real Food/Farmers Market Finders


Eat  - Getting wild nutrition from modern food.  Find local grass-fed meat & dairy with this online locator. - Connecting farmers and consumers online - order farm food and pick up near you.

Local Harvest - Real food, real farmers, real community.  Find Farmers Markets near you online.

Books, Cookbooks, Learning

image61 - Weston A. Price Foundation - non-profit organization is an excellent source for accurate information on nutrition and health.  WAPF is what started me on my path to wellness through nutrient dense whole foods. Traditional ancestral health and diets based on the work of Weston A. Price, DDS & Francis Pottenger, MD. Local chapters. - Price Pottenger non-profit organization.  Another great organization for traditional diets and health based on the work of Weston A. Price, DDS & Francis Pottenger, MD.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration - by Weston A. Price.  Hands down the most eye opening book on nutrition you will ever read.

Nourishing Traditions - by Sally Fallon. The cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and diet dictocrats.  Part ancestral health part cookbook.  The bible on how to properly prepare and cook traditional nutrient dense foods.  Nose to tail cooking.

Pottengers Cats - by Francis Pottenger, MD. Dr. Pottenger studied the affects of eating a non-species specific diet (processed food) and the degeneration that followed on cats. An amazing comparison of healthy cats on raw foods and those on heated diets.  Behavioral changes, arthritis, sterility, skeletal deformities  and allergies were some of the symptoms that the cats developed from eating processed unnatural foods. 

Eat Fat, Lose Fat-  by Mary Enig.  Must have primer on healthy and unhealthy fats.  Why we should not fear fats and how important they are to our health.

Nourished Kitchen - by Jenny McGruther  - Farm-to-table recipes for the traditional foods lifestyle featuring bone broths, fermented vegetables, grass-fed meats, wholesome fats, raw dairy, and kombuchas.

Primal Body, Primal MInd - by Nora Gedgaudas.   Combining your body’s Paleolithic needs with modern nutritional and medical research for complete mind-body wellness.  A great Paleo book!  

Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook - Delicious and easy gluten free paleo recipes that will make you shine inside and out.

The Keto Reset Diet Reboot Your Metabolism in 21 Days - by Mark Sisson.  A great book and recipes to learn the right way to transition into a Keto diet and lifestyle.

Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen - by Carilyn Ketchum.  My favorite Keto cookbook!   Easy recipes that will make you drool and never feel deprived.

The Vegetarian Myth - by Lierre Keith.  One of the most eye opening reads.  An unexpected look (and consequences) of the impact of a plant based diet on ourselves and our environment.