Nutritional Therapy

Reduce symptoms and improve health by addressing the root cause of the problem...

In today's fast paced environment it is extremely difficult to think about our health, diet, and lifestyle choices.  With so many obligations they often take a back seat to be considered "another day".  Before we know it years have gone by and we realize we just don’t look or feel as well as we used to or want to. We eventually recognize our quality of life is less than optimal and while burning the candle at both ends we may not be able to enjoy our families and the fruits of our labor.

We are tired, bloated and gassy and have heartburn after meals, our energy tanks every afternoon and we struggle to make it through the rest of the day. We wake up feeling sluggish & fatigued along with achy joints and stiffness. We are anxious and depressed and our jeans don’t fit anymore…and we medicate.  We accept this is as normal and a natural part of the aging process and carry on.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

We do not have to live this way!!! What we eat can have a profound effect on our health. When we give our bodies what they need they have an incredible ability to heal. Nutritional Therapy is simply balancing your foundations of health through real nutrient dense food. Food that provides you with the building blocks to nourish and heal your body. 


Your Foundations of Health



First, optimizing digestion is key to overall health – you are not just what you eat but what you absorb.  A healthy balanced microbiome is essential to good digestion, immune health, sleep, weight and mental health.

Blood Sugar

Balanced blood sugar is of utmost importance for optimal physical and emotional health. Blood sugar balance affects your mood, energy, hormones, cardiovascular & digestive health, mineral balance, weight, inflammation and stress handling. 

Fatty Acid Balance

  Not enough omega-3 fatty acids in ratio to omega-6 fatty acids is thought to be a significant contributing factor to many diseases. Fatty acid balance plays a role in blood pressure, inflammatory response and heart health. Our history of low fat & omega 6 heavy vegetable oils has created deficiencies and imbalances.

Mineral Balance

 Minerals work together in a delicate balance to perform vital functions in the body. Minerals are the tiny spark plugs that make things happen! Minerals relax and contract muscles, maintain proper body PH, transport nutrients into your cells, strengthen & provide structural support, provide proper nerve conduction, and regulate tissue growth to name a few. Deficiencies/excesses and improper ratios from poor diets, poor absorption, medications, and poor soil can be the root of many symptoms and conditions. 


 Water is the most important nutrient in the body and many of us are deficient! Proper hydration is needed to remove wastes and flush toxins from your body, to lubricate joints, transport nutrients, regulate body temperature, empower healing processes and many more functions. Dehydration is a root cause of many symptoms and can lead to serious conditions if not corrected. 


Consuming a nutrient dense whole foods diet that is right for you is the single most (and most important!) thing you can do to start improving your health and well-being. Giving your body what it needs will balance your foundations reducing or eliminating your symptoms so you can live your best health forward!  


So How Do I Help You Find Your Optimal Diet?


As a Nutritional therapist I will dig deep to find the root causes of your symptoms by identifying food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies and optimizing digestion through your healthy history, food journal, lifestyle evaluation and an online nutritional assessment questionnaire.  The symptom based online nutritional assessment questionnaire identifies your nutritional weaknesses, where you need the most support and how we can best address these weaknesses. (see symptom burden graph above). 

An optional functional evaluation tapping into your body's innate intelligence further solidifies what nutrients the body needs and doesn't need eliminating unnecessary supplementation. 

I will use all of this information to put together a bio-individualized nutritional recommendation plan that will provide you with foods and lifestyle changes  to reduce your symptoms and support your nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. I provide short and long term goals targeting your specific needs and goals along with additional testing if needed.

I make whole food based supplementation recommendations to jump start your program and accelerate the healing process with targeted nutrients to support your digestive health and all the foundations of health.

By balancing the foundations we can reduce or eliminate many symptoms and conditions so you can feel good again! 

We must invest in ourselves now to be healthy or we will later on invest in ourselves to be sick.

As a Certified Nutritional Therapist, I look forward to working with you through Nutritional Therapy to help resolve your health concerns and issues and provide a customized nutritional recommendations plan that works for you!