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Antidote Wellness Therapies Located  in Trevor, WI and specializes in detoxification therapies.  I am very  joyful to be practicing Nutritional Therapy at this wonderful wellness  center!  Their services include:  Colon hydrotherapy, probiotic  implants, coffee enemas, lymphatic cleanses, infrared sauna, therapeutic  deep tissue, and signature massage therapies, healing touch and rain  drop therapy body work, nutritional therapy, cosmetic enhancements and  thermography.  You can’t help but relax and rejuvenate in their tranquil  spa like atmosphere, you may never want to leave!


The  Nutritional Therapy Association’s philosophy is “Real Education for  people who believe in real food… That the myriad of health problems that  plague modern society result from weaknesses in the body’s  physiological foundations as a result of poor nutrition. As an education  organization, NTA is dedicated to helping individuals and healthcare  professionals understand and reverse the tragic and unsuspected effects  of the modern diet on their patients and clients based on their  bio-individual nutritional needs. Throughout our training programs and  seminars, students access a wide range of education tools and connect  nationally with other practitioners in the healing arts.” 

NTA  is where I received my excellent education.  I believe NTA is one of  the best if not the best nutritional programs available!  They offer  Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Nutritional Therapy Consultant  certifications across the Country.  I would be happy to answer any  questions you may have about NTA and if you pursue, please let them know  I referred you!   

Dr. Casey Horbach founder of Horbach Chiropractic is one of just a handful  of licensed chiropractors in the State of Wisconsin who practice the  specialized technique of CBP® Chiropractic Biophysics, which is the most  well-documented scientific approach in chiropractic care today.  

I accredit Dr. Horbach and Dr. J for my success in healing my torn rotator cuff and regaining full range of motion through their physical therapy, power plate therapy and laser therapy - thank you!

Linda  DeFever, owner of Vitality, Inc is an ACE personal trainer, C.H.E.K.  practitioner and health & lifestyle coach. Linda trains in-studio  and also in-home private and semi-private personal training.  Linda has  many years of experience and is a personal friend.  In fact, I have her  to thank for introducing me to traditional nutrient dense whole foods  and starting me on my wellness journey!

Julie  Latz, the “Peaceful Eater,” specializes in binge eating disorders.  Julie, having her own lifelong experience with binge eating, can help  you regain a healthy relationship with food. Break free of binge eating,  guilt and low self-esteem with her highly effective 8 week program that  teaches you how to enjoy the foods you love without the fear of losing  control.  

Young Living’s vision is to bring the life changing benefits of essentials  oils to everyone.  Young Living is the world leader in essential oils.  They believe (as I do!) that everyone deserves a life full of abundance  and wellness.  Young  Living oversees every step of production, from choosing seeds to  product delivery, they hand-pick the very best for purity and safety.   This approach promises you the most authentic essential oil experience  and sets Young Living apart.  Young Living undergoes this rigorous  approach so they can promise you the most authentic essential oil  experience—every time.  Discover (and order) Young  Living Essential Oils today.  

Odette Suter, Holistic DVM - Bestselling author of "What Your Vet Never Told You".  Dr.  Suter’s practice focuses on disease prevention and finding imbalances  before symptoms occur.  She supports your animals’ optimal health  through nutritional counseling (species specific diet) along with other  natural healing modalities including acupuncture, chiropractic, allergy  and microbiome therapies. Odette practices in IL & WI.  

Odette's recommendations have given my dog an unsurpassed quality of life in his senior years. I am happy to call Odette friend and she is one of the most compassionate people I know.